Experiences in the SIERRA ESPUÑA Territory


Sierra Espuña is the green heart
of the Region of Murcia

a huge heart where Mother Nature has been working her magic for thousands and thousands of years to give us a lush pine tree area that is much more than just a forest.

Ecotourism in Sierra Espuña Territory

Home to hundreds of animal and plant species, an environment where diversity is celebrated in every corner.

A magnificent gift in the form of a natural park that we are all deeply proud of. Proud to protect it, proud to enjoy it.

And, more than anything else, proud to share such a natural treasure with you.

Something you can’t touch, but you can definitely feel. 

You are here because you appreciate the value of a protected environment like the Sierra Espuña Regional Park.

A green space we are grateful for every day.

Because it is one of the lungs of the Region of Murcia; because it allows us to live in a place without hurries or stress.

A place without crowds or traffic jams.

An environment where people know how to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle and are willing to share it with you.

Territorio Sierra Espuña welcomes you with open arms. 

This land of contrasts paints a natural mosaic designed so you can enjoy ecotourism in the company of your loved ones.

With the deepest respect for the conservation of the park and all its inhabitants, in Sierra Espuña you can delve into nature through experiences to suit all tastes.

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you can choose adventure sports, mountain bike, cycling road routes, or trekking.

If you are here to relax, the first thing you will notice is that peace can be found in every corner.

Espuñaturística. Sierra Espuña is much more than a territory

We are a community project created by a committed team: park managers, the Sierra Espuña Tourist Association, tourism companies and the local population.

Our objective is the protection and promotion of this magnificent environment through a comprehensive ecotourism offer consisting of nature, traditional and cultural activities, sports, cuisine and charming rural accommodation.

We also seek to create responsible and sustainable tourism. To this end, we have obtained all these recognitions and endorsements.

What is ecotourism?

At first glance, it seems like it’s all about travelling to natural environments and enjoying all the wonders that green spaces have to offer, right?

Well, you’re on the right track, but it’s important to know that ecotourism goes much further than that, actually.

Because the point of ecotourism is to be responsible and to know that the protection of biodiversity is the only way to have fun in harmony with nature.

To be grateful for everything it gives us.

To contribute to the socio-economic development of the Sierra Espuña area by choosing our destination to enjoy any of the experiences we offer you.

Our flag is the deepest respect for Territorio Sierra Espuña, and this is also the fundamental requirement that we ask of you and all our visitors.

So please read our decalogue of a good ecotourist carefully.

Video Experiences in Sierra Espuña

Choose your Experience

xperiencias Sierra Espuña.


Beautifully contrasting landscapes, first-class infrastructures and the protection of an extraordinary environment create the ideal setting to activate your body and relax your mind.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Entre aves


Get ready to take the best pictures of the monarchs of the Iberian sky from dedicated observation points.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sobre ruedas

On wheels

Cycle through the natural park. Two different ways to discover small hidden treasures in corners others cannot reach.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Momentos panorámicos


That is exactly what we propose: admire the immensity of Sierra Espuña from carefully curated viewpoints that will give you the best panoramic moments.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Senderos


Miles upon miles of trails that take you through a Mediterranean landscape with a rich variety of natural scenery steeped in history.

Safety comes first for us

Rest assured that, we maintain the strictest levels of health and hygiene safety in all our proposed experiences.


To be a top class ecotourist, follow these guidelines closely:

  1. Respect and preserve the environment in all its extension, as well as any living being or natural or cultural element that you might find during your stay in Sierra Espuña.
  2. Leave the area even cleaner than you found it. You will find waste bins in the Recreational Areas, and you can always take your litter back with you to a recycling centre.
  3. Do not feed wild animals; they have their own diet and our food can cause diseases and may even be lethal to them. Avoid shouting or making noises that may disturb park inhabitants or other visitors.
  4. Find out about the activities you can do in the park and always leave your vehicle in the designated areas.
  5. Follow all the signs and indications of the staff to the letter. Never leave the trails and paths, as they are designed to maintain a peaceful environment for the flora and fauna.
  6. Do not smoke or throw cigarette butts in the park and, of course, do not light any fires.
  7. If you want to visit Sierra Espuña in the company of your furry best friend, you must keep them leashed and close to you at all times.
  8. Maintain an appropriate speed when riding a mountain bike or on the road, and never leave the marked trails. Always ride on the right and wear a helmet, as well as other protective measures.
  9. Taking home any species from the park, whether animal or plant, is strictly forbidden. Do not pick flowers or break tree branches. Do not alter or modify the natural environment even a little bit.
  10. Do not forget to contact the local population; they will help you live an authentic ecotourism experience.

By collaborating with all these measures, you help Territorio Sierra Espuña to shine brightest, today and always!

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