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Los Azagadores Track


It begins in the well-known hamlet of Gebas, almost on the border of Alhama with Mula. Specifically, it does so in the Casas de la Ermita and, through the Azagadores Path where it enters the center of protected landscape. Pass through the village cemetery and by the viewing area of the Ravines including the impressive Ravine of the Water. Return to the starting point to proceed to the Cañada de la Huerta, Casa Alta and the edge of the limestone plain that forms the Retamosa. After the Water Ravine, at the junction with the Casa Alta road, the route offers an alternative return walking plan to the approach the tail of the Algeciras Reservoir.

Experience days that complement the outstanding landscape, yielding spectacular moments to all visitors: the contrast between the grays, yellows of the ravines with the blue sky or forests of Espuña and La Muela cannot be missed. Other natural beauty attributes caused by capricious formations of erosion, crops embedded in ravines ridges or features of the old rural structures. Gebas has a restaurant, a rural inn with character and several rural houses providing accommodation.

This PR has an intermediate link (through PR-MU 93.1) with the PR-MU 93 «Senda del Rento» that allows going from Gebas to Alhama or vice versa by crossing the Barrancos and the Sierra de La Muela. The beginning of PR-MU 92 connects with the GR-252 «Camino de la Vera Cruz del Bajo Guadalentín» and with the GR-252.1, connecting with Alhama de Murcia.

At is advisable to choose alternative route on rainy days. The terrain can be difficult and often impassable under these conditions!

Los Azagadores Track | Map of the route
Los Azagadores Track | Technical data and downloads

TítuloSenda de los Azagadores
HomologaciónPR-MU 92
ParajeBarrancos de Gebas
MunicipioAlhama de Murcia y Mula
Distancia13,66 km
Desnivel de subida337 metros
InicioErmita de Gebas
FinalMismo punto.
Puntos de interés ambiental, histórico o etnográfico.Paisaje Protegido Barrancos de Gebas, miradores panorámicos, formaciones y procesos geológicos singulares, embalse de Algeciras, avifauna forestal, esteparia y acuática, cultivos de almendros en situaciones extremas, núcleo rural singular.
Información del itinerarioCarece de puntos de agua potable en el recorrido. En época estival precaución por las elevadas temperaturas y ausencias de sombras. Precaución en periodos de lluvias. En el núcleo rural de Gebas se dispone de varios alojamientos rurales y restaurante.
Servicio de guíasECOESPUÑA-LA HOJARASCA. Ecoturismo.
Tlfs.: 968 636 205, 608 301 115, 639 350 181

Type of featuresDescription
HistoricalErmita de Gebas.
Old and modern hydrologic facilities
Cattle track
Cultural/EtnograficGebas, a small group of dispersed rural areas located at an altitude of approximately 400 meters
Annual celebrations in Gebas, in honour of Purísima: during the first half of August.
Natural exhibits: irrigation ditches, semi-arrid areas that looks like the moon
Traditional orchards
Old cattle pass
Example of socioeconomic recovery across rural tourism.
EnvironmentalGood part of the route is within a protected natural space.
Spectacular erosive forms of sandstones, marls and gypsum.
Beautiful landscapes.
Flora on soils and gypsum.
Algeciras Reservoir.
Links to other approved trails.
Social economic resourcesAgriculture, rural accommodation and renewal.
Hostelry/RefreshmentsBar Restaurante El Mirador.
AccommodationRural accommodation – El Mirador de Gebas.
Rural complex – Las Golondrinas.
Country houses – El Lebrillo y La Tinaja.
Country house – María y Cristina.
Hotel – La Mariposa.
Other activitiesActivity guide (BTT y Trekking). Ecoespuña-La Hojarasca SL.
Ethnographic activities. Ecoespuña S.L.
Two-seater paragliding flights.

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