Make your own path as you walk
at the heart of Sierra Espuña
Miles upon miles of trails that take you through a Mediterranean landscape with a rich variety of natural scenery steeped in history.
Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Senderos

Don’t think the paths are random

Don’t think the paths are random. The hiking and trekking routes in Sierra Espuña have been strategically designed to take you through invaluable natural spots.

These routes offer you breathtaking panoramic views and allow you to get to know a historic forest that speaks to you around every corner.

It will tell you about the passing of “el apóstol del árbol” (Quevedo, sometimes called the apostle of the tree), who was a real breath of fresh air at a time when it seemed that the park was dying; about how the mountains you walk on became one of the first ecological refrigerators in the world.

But it also takes you on a journey. Along paths that cross the dense pine forest of Las Alquerías; to see the Mare Nostrum from the Pilón viewpoint; or to get to know El Berro, a beautiful mountain village.

But wait, there’s more. The near-mystical experience of touching the sky from the 1,568-metre-high summit of the second highest peak, Pedro López.

Taking a walk through the magnificent moonlike landscape of Barrancos de Gebas and recharging your batteries in one of the village’s lodgings.

Or, why not, waiting for nightfall to lie on the ground and contemplate a sky bursting with stars.

You’ve never seen anything like it!

Here’s a safety tip: if you decide to walk around Sierra Espuña on your own, stop by the Ricardo Cordorniú Visitor Centre to tell us about your plans. We will be happy to help you with anything you need.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Senderos

The essential

For all ages and physical conditions

Choose your route amongst the variety we offer and remember to never leave the path or road.


For you, hikers, we have 5 circular routes starting near the lodgings affiliated to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.


If you are more into adventure, all you need is your trekking equipment to explore the 101.59 kilometres of traditional tracks and trails organised in 6 stages.

Camina por Sierra Espuña a tu manera

These are the options:


Five circular routes starting near the lodgings affiliated to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism:

  1. Sendero El Berro
  2. Senda los Azagadores
  3. Senda Lentiscos – Ballesteros
  4. Sendero Umbría del Bosque
  5. Sendero del Pedro López
  6. Duration of the tour: between 3.5 and 5.5 hours.

You can tour Sierra Espuña on your own or in the company of an official guide, if you prefer.


Six routes along traditional paths and trails, organised in stages:

  1. El Berro – Casas Nuevas
  2. Casas Nuevas – La Perdiz
  3. La Perdiz – Las Alquerías
  4. Las Alquerías – Centro de Visitantes
  5. Centro de Visitantes – Gebas
  6. Gebas – El Berro

Up to 34.45 total walking hours in the park.

You can start and finish wherever you choose.

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More experiences in Sierra Espuña Territory

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That is exactly what we propose: admire the immensity of Sierra Espuña from carefully curated viewpoints that will give you the best panoramic moments.

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On wheels

Cycle through the natural park. Two different ways to discover small hidden treasures in corners others cannot reach.

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Get ready to take the best pictures of the monarchs of the Iberian sky from dedicated observation points.

xperiencias Sierra Espuña.


Beautifully contrasting landscapes, first-class infrastructures and the protection of an extraordinary environment create the ideal setting to activate your body and relax your mind.