Imagine contemplating an extraordinary natural landscape wherever you look
That is exactly what we propose: admire the immensity of Sierra Espuña from carefully curated viewpoints that will give you the best panoramic moments.
Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Momentos panorámicos

Open your eyes wide and take a deep breath

When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed the moment?

With these panoramic views, time stands still.

In Sierra Espuña you can once again feel the peace that only nature can provide.

A green landscape bathed in silence, broken only by some birds chirping, a branch swaying in the wind… Or a bird of prey announcing its presence.

In the park the atmosphere is so clean that you can clearly see the landscape, beautifully adorned in natural tones.

This is actually our recommendation: join us to contemplate the immensity of this landscape from 10 natural viewpoints, veritable balconies to admire nature.

We recommend coming at dawn to admire the light changes over mountains and treetops, in a fascinating display that repeats when the sun goes down.

From up there you can see some of the highest peaks of Sierra Espuña: Morrón de Totana and Pedro López, both almost 1,600 metres above sea level.

Other peaks such as Peña Apartada, Morrón de Alhama, Paredes de Leyva, and Morrón Chico are not far behind.

During the tour, which you can do on foot or by car, you will sometimes be surrounded by the dense pine forest of the Espuña river valley and the plains of the Guadalentín valley.

You will be able to walk next to a sinkhole, see the old Snow Wells and enjoy the scent of pine trees and flowers, so typical of this environment.

Don’t forget to pack a snack; our favourites are local almonds and walnuts, Murcian dry figs and a good sandwich, of course!

You can also visit the viewpoints in the company of a park guide who will be happy to tell you all about the history and peculiarities of the landscape in front of you.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Momentos panorámicos

The essential

360° panoramic views

Surrounding you with the magic of a hundred-year-old forest.

10 scenic overlooks

No human intervention. In most cases, these spots appeared through the direct action of Mother Nature.

On your own or with a guide

You can go up to these natural terraces on your own or accompanied by a guide.

Admire the landscape from the natural windows of Sierra Espuña

And contemplate nature from these viewpoints:

  • El Turullón
  • Pedro López
  • Morra de Las Moscas / Morrón de Alhama
  • Base de Las Escalerillas
  • Collado Blanco
  • Casa de las Labores
  • Alto de la Muela de Pliego
  • Alto de la Almoloya
  • Barrancos de Gebas viewpoint
  • Media Luna viewpoint

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