On wheels

Feel the freedom, visit Sierra Espuña on two wheels
Cycle through the natural park. Two different ways to discover small hidden treasures in corners others cannot reach.
Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sobre ruedas

If you enjoy cycling, this is the place for you

Getting to know Sierra Espuña by bike is a great plan no matter who you come with. In the park you have options designed for all types of cyclists, whether you come with your family, with your friends or as a couple.

For those who like to feel the adrenaline in contact with the land, Espubike is the correct option. A four-stage circular route takes you through some of the most beautiful spots in the area.

The small village of El Berro, the towns of Gebas and Casas Nuevas, and the pine forest of Las Alquerías are some of them.

But if you prefer speed, with Espuroad you can also enjoy to the fullest.

Three road routes border the mountains starting from the towns close to Sierra Espuña.

If you want to go deep into the green heart, they can also take you there.

What’s more, if you’re up for a challenge, you’re going to love the Espubike Challenge.

It is an official route starting at the Sierra Espuña campsite in El Berro. They will provide you with everything you need to do it. Also, keep in mind that you’ll get a free gift if you complete it.

So now you know: don’t forget your bike on your next trip to Sierra Espuña.

Vídeo. On wheels
Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sobre ruedas

The essential

Espubike & Espuroad

Choose your style: ride across the mountains or on asphalt; we’ll take care of the unforgettable scenery. Be responsible and ride only on the permitted trails.

Get to know Sierra Espuña at a good pace

Visit villages and natural enclaves at your leisure, stopping to rest, taste our gastronomy or simply to contemplate the landscape.

Will you accept the challenge?

Prove you’re not afraid of adventure and complete the Espubike Challenge. On top of the glory, you’ll get a free gift.

Pedal around Sierra Espuña in your own style

Choose your preferred option:


A 146 km circular route in four safe sections with different levels of difficulty:

  • T1. El Berro > Gebas
  • T2. Gebas > Casas Nuevas
  • T3. Casas Nuevas > Las Alquerías
  • T4. Las Alquerías > El Berro

Take part in the Espubike Challenge, departing from the Sierra Espuña Campsite, in El Berro.

You will have this at your disposal:

  • MTB bikes and GPS rental.
  • Official guides to accompany you during the tour.
  • Luggage transport to wherever you need it.
  • En-route technical assistance (we’ll always be close to you).
  • Accommodation to recharge your batteries.


Three routes of about 80 kilometres each running along paved roads starting in the towns near the park:

  • Northern Route (78.16 km).
  • Eastern Route (87.02 km).
  • Southern Route (81.73 km).

Choose how you want to explore: around the park’s massif or crossing the mountain range.

You can also follow the routes by car or motorbike.

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