An unparalleled bird-watching trail to enjoy sustainable tourism
Get ready to take the best pictures of the monarchs of the Iberian sky from dedicated observation points.
Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Entre aves

Watching birds in their natural habitat will captivate you, and in Sierra Espuña you’ll have a great time

Watching birds in their natural habitat will captivate you, and in Sierra Espuña you’ll have a great time

But remember that they are not alone up there. The peregrine falcon and the goshawk are other birds of prey spectacularly soaring through the Murcian sky.

Other smaller birds, known as passerines, also have their home in the Mediterranean mountains: crossbills, cirl buntings and black wheatears.

Rest assured, you will return home with an album full of pictures that you probably won’t be able to capture anywhere else.

And this is no coincidence: Sierra Espuña has been a Special Protection Area for birds since 1998, thanks largely to the golden eagle and eagle owl communities living in the area.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Entre aves

The essential

We are a SPA

That is, a Special Protection Area that guarantees the protection of all bird species.

123 birds species

They inhabit Sierra Espuña in perfect harmony with the rest of the animal and plant species in the park.

Observation facilities

With 6 hides and perches with expertly positioned drinking troughs.

Come to Sierra Espuña for birdwatching

All this is at your disposal:

  • Use of the 6 hides in the park.
  • Expert birdwatching guide.
  • Transport to the observation points.
  • Technical advice to take the best photos.
  • Processing the permits required to photograph birds in Sierra Espuña.

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