Practice your favourite sport
in a green Mediterranean paradise
Beautifully contrasting landscapes, first-class infrastructures and the protection of an extraordinary environment create the ideal setting to activate your body and relax your mind.
xperiencias Sierra Espuña.

Sierra Espuña was shaped by the whims of nature

Thanks to this never-ending work, today you have the opportunity to practice adventure sports in an unparalleled protected natural environment.

The caves of La Matea, El Churtal and La Pólvora are great options for spelunking and for visiting the depths of Sierra Espuña.

Back at the surface we have the Leyva ravine, an ideal setting for rock climbing.

But if you’re more into the canyoning and want an adrenaline rush, there are two places to choose: the Lébor and El Ciervo ravines.

Near El Ciervo there is also a via ferrata (which can be combined with the canyon) located right at the gates of the Natural Park.

We now take to the skies to offer you the chance to see Sierra Espuña while paragliding or from a hot-air balloon, whichever you prefer.

Also at a high altitude, although a little more moderate, we have the multi-adventure area of the Las Alquerías Nature Classroom. You’ll have a great time: they have zip lining, abseiling, slackline, tree climbing and a monkey bridge.

When the sun gets scorching hot, it’s a good time to soak in the water, and a great place to do so is the La Cierva reservoir, which is also perfectly equipped for paddle surfing.

For those who prefer the peace and quiet of direct contact with the nature and culture of Territorio Sierra Espuña, we have two proposals: yoga in the middle of the forest and the activity A Day with the Shepherd.

Yes, really!! The idea is to spend a day in the company of a shepherd and learn all the secrets of the trade.

The variety of Territorio Sierra Espuña is what makes it special.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sobre ruedas

The essential

Earth, water and air

Three natural elements to unleash the athlete within.

For all levels

No matter your age or physical condition, all you need is the desire to have fun.

Safety first and foremost

With specialised equipment and monitors to guarantee that you are safe during your adventure.

Adventure awaits in Sierra Espuña

With plenty of options to have a great time:


  • Leyva Ravine


  • La Muela

Ziplining, abseiling, slackline, tree climbing and monkey bridge

  • Las Alquerías


  • La Matea Cave
  • El Churtal Cave
  • La Pólvora Cave
  • Las Palomas Cave
  • Casa Leyva Caves


  • Lébor Ravine
  • El Ciervo Ravine

Vía ferrata

El Ciervo Ravine

Paddle Surfing

  • La Cierva Reservoir

Hot-air balloon

  • Guadalentin Valley


  • Territorio Sierra Espuña

A Day with the Shepherd

  • Territorio Sierra Espuña

Información y reservas

More experiences in Sierra Espuña Territory

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Senderos


Miles upon miles of trails that take you through a Mediterranean landscape with a rich variety of natural scenery steeped in history.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Momentos panorámicos


That is exactly what we propose: admire the immensity of Sierra Espuña from carefully curated viewpoints that will give you the best panoramic moments.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sobre ruedas

On wheels

Cycle through the natural park. Two different ways to discover small hidden treasures in corners others cannot reach.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Entre aves


Get ready to take the best pictures of the monarchs of the Iberian sky from dedicated observation points.