A delicious tour of the traditional cuisine
of Sierra Espuña
Taste slow-cooking dishes made with local produce. A foodie paradise.
Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sabores

In Territorio Sierra Espuña, gastronomic tourism is a must

An opportunity to discover our fresh and healthy local cuisine. Food coming out of steaming pots to feed both your body and your soul.

With the pride of those know its value, our cuisine is part of the only gastronomy declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO: the Mediterranean Diet.

Intimately linked to our land and way of life.

Based on two of our most prized treasures, vegetable gardens and mountains, which sometimes join forces with the sea to bring simple but wisely combined dishes to your table.

The orchards of Territorio Sierra Espuña are famous for their fruit and vegetables, among which citrus fruits shine brightest.

Not too far away, we find masterfully cultivated olive groves that provide us with local and sustainable olive oil.

Followed by the intense flavours of pickled and preserved olives, and
top-quality fruits worthy of any renowned restaurant.

Dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios are also highly prized for their quality and every year they dress our landscapes in beautiful colours.

If you like honey, let us tell you: you have never tasted honey like ours. Local and organic, of course.

We conclude this tour with the aromatic and medicinal herbs used to season the dishes of Territorio Sierra Espuña. And, of course, good bread, always present on our tables.

With such a well-stocked pantry, there is no need to go far to find authentic local produce.

We have two options for you: you can enjoy them in our restaurants or buy them at the different shops and take them home with you.

Experiencias Sierra Espuña. Sabores

The essential

The flavour of the land

These are recipes with a story to tell. A story about cooking and how it has been celebrated in Sierra Espuña for hundreds of years.

Local produce

Our cuisine respects the environment and uses the highest quality local produce in its preparations.

The culinary temples of Sierra Espuña

We make it easy for you to know where to go to treat yourself to a selection of delicacies that will win your heart.

Come and taste the flavours of Sierra Espuña

Here is everything you need:

Join this gastronomic festival

Recipes for fennel and broad bean rice stew, cod or meatball stew, gypsy stew, pipirrana or menestra, some of the dishes on offer.

Local produce pantry

Come and discover the local and organic gastronomic products of Territorio Sierra Espuña.

Restaurants and gourmet shops

Discover the gastronomic offer at sierraespuna.com.

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